Mark your calendars :

Early bird begins June 20, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Early bird tickets: $99/day or $149 for two days

Advance tickets: $119/day or $189 for two days


Meet the Artists

This year’s artists are handpicked by Alb himself. These artists are more than just icons, they are singer-songwriters

who are personal, handing a piece of themselves to you with each song they sing.  Alb wants you to do more

than attend Albatross, he wants you to experience the raw passion these talented artists have to offer.


Edison Chen

The multi-talented Edison is a Hong Kong film actor, musician, producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. He is best known for his hip-hop music and his popular clothing line, Clot Media Division CMD. Born and raised in Vancouver, Edison went to R.C. Palmer Secondary in Richmond. More info

Ma Di

One of the first and founding artists of Chinese Folk music in China, Ma Di is known to express himself both simply and directly in his unique voice. His music ranges in themes of love and life in the city. More info

Ma Di


Matzka is a Taiwanese band with band members all originating from Taitung’s Paiwan or Puyuma tribes. They have a unique style; though reggae-based, their songs blend together jazz, folk, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop and other elements from Taitung’s aboriginal music. More info


Queen Wei is a Taiwanese singer songwriter known for her pop songs. Her sweet, delicate voice and emotion-filled music was recognized in the popular Taiwanese singing competition, More info

A Si

A Si is a Chinese Indie pop singer from Shanghai. In 2013, A Si won the Top Indie Artist in the Chinese Billboard Music Award. According to A Si, her stage name came from her favourite number four which is pronounced “si”. More info

A Si

Nair Band

"Nair" is a band name that has deep meaning. Mongolian traditional holidays and festivities are accompanied with great feasts that are called "Nair." More info

Eric Chou

At the age of 21, Eric Chou is already a popular Taiwanese singer songwriter. Playing classical piano from a young age, Eric developed a passion for composing and started drawing inspiration from personal experiences. More info


HYUKOH is a South Korean indie pop band that stirred up the Korean indie scene since the time of their debut in 2014. Claiming the title “Band of the New Generation”, the four 23-year-old members create music with various genres and cultural influences, such as Chinese and American. More info


Wanting was born and raised in Harbin, China, but has since moved to Vancouver when she was 16. As a pop singer-songwriter and pianist, “You Exist in My Song” was a huge hit. More info

Elise Estrada

Elise Estrada is a Filipino-Canadian pop singer-songwriter and actress. Growing up in Surrey, British Columbia, she attended Holy Cross Regional High School. At age 17, she won the title of “Miss Vancouver Princess”. More info

More to be announced - stay tuned !

  • pacific waters
  • the hottest music
  • snow-capped mountains
  • musical medley of genres
  • two days of unbeatable fun


Albatross Music Festival is the first outdoor music festival of its kind in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. With the Pacific waters and snow-capped mountains as a stunning backdrop, Albatross presents a musical medley of genres.

Featuring Asian Canadian/American artists, as well as international big names, let your musical appetites be fed with passion from indie rock, pop, folk, reggae, funk and hip-hop artists. Join Alb for two days of unbeatable fun at the Hastings Racecourse.